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  • By claude koffi

    “this course is so easy to learn ,less complex with facile words and expressions at the point or even a child can lean road rules and laws here .I am bloody satisfy to my investment in lpod theory course.”

    “this course is so easy to learn ,less complex with facile words and expressions at the point or even a child can lean road rules and laws here .I am bloody satisfy to my investment in lpod theory course.”

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  • By Jennifer Phiri-Ray

    “love it”

    “love it”

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  • By Karen Hopkins

    “I really like used this ”

    “I really like used this ”

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Have you passed your theory test?

You have revised and studied for your theory test with mock theory test applications.

You scored an impressive 48/50 in the mock test and passed all of the hazard perception clips.

You feel ready to pass your theory test the first time!

You go into your theory test appointment with confidence.


When you go and collect your theory test certificate, it says: 

"Dear Mr/Mrs [Name]

I am sorry to tell you that you have failed the Car driving theory test as prescribed under section 89 of the Road Traffic Act 1988, taken at 00000 theory test centre..."

You are shocked and cannot believe the result!

Michal passed his theory test with our course

Extras Included...

  • Money Back Guarantee

    We are confident in our ability to help you pass your theory test! We are willing to put your money where our mouth is! If you don't pass your next theory test after completing our course, we will refund you your money back!

  • 52 Page - Learner Manual (Worth £14.99)

    Get access to our flagship training manual and use it when learning to drive! Perfect for learning with parents and with your driving instructor!

  • Highway Code (Worth £2.50)

    You will also get a free copy of the highway code for you to download straight onto your phone or computer!

  • Secret Learner Facebook Group

    Every enrollee gets free access to our secret facebook group, where you can attend Facebook lives, 1 to 1 teaching and useful resources!

The Issue Is...

When you fail your theory test, you lose confidence which hinders your ability to pass on your second attempt.  

You go back to the mock theory test apps and revise the same questions over and over again with the hope of the same questions appearing again!


The questions on your next theory test appointment will be different to the first one. 

Which means you are only revising a small percentage of all the possible questions and there are over 1000+ questions in the DVSA question bank!

How can you possibly remember all of those questions?

This contributes to why there are 750,000+ learners are failing their theory test each and every year!

Pass Your Next Theory Test!

Take the next step and

Enrol Today!

The solution? Client based learning...

We all learn in different ways and are better suited towards a specific way of learning.

In the UK, the main methods of learning the theory test are all books, app-based questioning and reading materials.

This limits the ways you can learn the theory test.

There are 3 ways people learn anything:

  • Kinesthetically
  • Auditory
  • Visually

Our online course has been tailored around you.

We use videos, audio-based questioning, PDFs and visual aidto help you study the theory test. 

This course was created by a driving instructor called Rebecca who has been an ADI for 16 years and has been helping people pass their theory test.

Michal's Story...

When Michal wanted to get his driving licence he had booked an intensive driving course with the intention of passing his driving test! But there was a problem... he had not passed his theory test 😞 He knew he could not have passed at the end of his course because he needed to pass his theory. He then was told about our online course, he enrolled and passed his theory first time!
Do what Michal did and enrol today!
Michal's Story...